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Temiskaming Speaker Weekender Team Shan Article

Temiskaming Speaker Weekender article by Sue Nielsen was published in the October 30th edition of the Weekender. The interview took place at TDSS where Lorna was presenting to Grade 9 and 10 Physical Health and Education classes! The article supported the new Team Shan Check Yourself video Team Shan launches “Check Em” video



Team Shan Participates in Annual Haunted Hustle

Team Shan was on hand at the 6th annual STATO’s Haunted Hustle in Temiskaming Shores the weekend of October 24th and 25th. Lorna was on hand to meet with walkers and runners and Rob ran the half marathon!

Montana’s Woodstock Team Shan Night

Montana’s BBQ & Bar in Woodstock hosted a Team Shan Night fundraiser on Tuesday, October 20th! The staff also sported Team Shan Check ’em T shirts to support Team Shan messaging during Breast Cancer ACTION Month 🙂

SAIT WEAL Print Media Article Featuring Team Shan

SAIT WEAL reporter Jordan Johnston featured Team Shan in her article A charity worth ‘checking’ out in the October 13th edition of the WEAL!!

Wine Rack (inside Foodland) Bottle Drive

A successful bottle drive supporting Team Shan was hosted by the Wine Rack (inside Foodland) on Saturday, September 26th!

Global Calgary Check Yourself Feature

Global Calgary featured Lorna and SAIT student-athletes in a special Check Yourself video feature by Brendan Parker Watch Calgary Athletes Use Taylor Swift Music to Remind Young Women to Check for Breast Cancer

SAIT Trojans Team Shan Weekend

SAIT Trojans will be hosting their annual Team Shan Weekend this Friday and Saturday.  Lorna Larsen, Team Shan President, will be on hand to share activities from Breast Cancer ACTION Month including the SAIT Athletics and Recreation partnership on the Check Yourself Canada video. Watch the Video. Share the Video.

Breast Cancer ACTION Month

Lorna Larsen, Team Shan President, Daytime Oxford interview with Rogers TV Woodstock Breast Cancer ACTION Month

Check Yourself Video

Watch the video. SHARE the video. It could save a life. Check Yourself !!

Team Shan Breast Cancer Awareness for Young Women and SAIT Trojans Athletics and Recreation have teamed up to encourage young men and women to take action, by promoting regular breast and testicular self-checks in their daily lives…check yourself 🙂

When “thank you” isn’t enough…

Amy SempleGuest Post by Amy Semple

Many of us say “thank-you” a number of times during the day. We thank the person who holds the door for us, who serves us our coffee, those who are kind enough to compliment our outfit, or help us with a workload. What do you do when the words “thank you” are not enough? How do you thank someone for your life?

I sit here, contemplating the past year, and giving thanks to one organization, Team Shan. Team Shan was named after a charismatic, beautiful woman, Shanna (Shan) Larsen, a high school friend. Shan was diagnosed late and lost her battle with breast cancer. Shan’s mother saw a need for awareness and created Team Shan.

I was doing breast self-checks, in memory of Shan, when I found a lump in my breast. I was reminded that young women get breast cancer and the importance of self-detection through Facebook posts by Team Shan and billboards on the drive to Northern Ontario, to my hometown for family visits.

Team Shan billboard

I recall clearly the conversation I had with my doctor after his exam of my lump. He expressed that because of my age and lack of family history of breast cancer, there was little to worry about, but he thought it was important that I have an ultrasound to confirm. When he asked how I found the lump, I enthusiastically told him about Shan and Team Shan. Although it is not the case with many doctors, my doctor took me seriously and sent me for further testing.

On May 14, 2014, at the age of 32, I was diagnosed with invasive ductile carcinoma. When all was said and done, I had stage 1 breast cancer. Based on my age, I was treated with a mastectomy and 4 rounds of chemotherapy followed by reconstruction surgery. It was a terrible year, to say the least. However, I was given a 91% chance that I would remain cancer free. I caught my cancer early and given the gift to carry on with my life.

I am terrified to imagine how long it would have gone before I found it if not for self-checks of my breasts! There is no doubt in my mind that without Team Shan I would not have been doing regular checks. My cancer would have progressed and I do not want to think about that reality.

So, reflecting on the past year and the terrible days it brought, there is one organization I thank for my life. My early detection was due to Team Shan. I would not have been checking my breasts had it not been for the loss of Shan and her story. I thank Team Shan for running programs in Shan’s memory, for reminding me that breast cancer is not just a disease of older women. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I have been given the gift of life, a renewal of sorts, and an opportunity to see life as a spectacular gift. How do you say “thank you” for something so precious? You help spread the word that young women do get breast cancer!!

Kaylin, Amy Shelly, Shanna

Kaylin, Amy, Shelly, Shanna

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